Odeya Nini with her singing bowls in the desert

Voice Bath

Saturday, June 17 6:00 — 7:15pm

with Odeya Nini

A total sound immersion in the healing power of the human voice.

Shane Aspegren standing in front of his gongs

ONDO Sound Bath

Sunday, July 18 8:15pm — 9:30pm

with Shane Aspegren

Join ONDO Sound founder Shane Aspegren for a special sound bath featuring both traditional vibratory as well as esoteric electro-acoustic instruments. 

Nicole Aquino playing her singing bowls on the beach

Release Fear, Be Free: Shamanic Sound Bath & Energy Healing

Friday, August 18 8:00pm — 9:30pm

with Nicole Aquino and Monk Turner

Join Nicole and Monk as they lead your spirit, body, and mind through a journey to release fear and be free.