Channeling Source Energy: Sound Bath & Intuitive Healing

Sunday, July 28 8:00pm — 9:15pm

with Nicole Aquino and David Gross

Join Nicole Aquino as she leads you in a practice of connecting to your own source energy.

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Channeling Source Energy refers to the practice of connecting and receiving guidance, wisdom, and energy from a divine, universal, or cosmic source. It is a way to tap into a higher consciousness beyond the individual self.

This energetic cleansing sound bath is infused with Shamanic energies and personalized healings designed to help connect and unify you to source energy.

Experience the transformational power of these Divine Light Source tones and frequencies to penetrate your being, by also activating your third eye to awaken your intuition, enhance your spiritual awareness, and align with the universal energy that surrounds us all.

About Nicole Aquino

Nicole is a performer, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and sound/energy healer. She is a professional singing (vocal) teacher based in Los Angeles and has been teaching for more than 23 years, as well as an established commissioned representational gallery portrait artist, selling paintings across the globe.

She is also a certified energy healer, who has found a way to combine her passion for music with her gift of healing.

“Growing up, I was always an empath. Throughout my childhood, my soul would astral travel, but I was unaware of what or why it was happening, as well as the experience of having spirits and shadows present themselves to me now and again. It wasn’t until my adulthood; did I embrace my gifts of connecting to spirit and learn to use my own discernment to turn that darkness to light. As an empath, I can see now why it is part of my journey in this physical life to help my clients connect to their higher selves and to divine energy.”

About David Gross

David Gross is a pianist, synthesist and composer with over twenty years of experience as songwriter, producer, and touring musician. He is also a co-owner of Highland Park Yoga.


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