Sound Bath

Sunday, March 19 8:15pm — 9:30pm

with Sonia Kreitzer

Join Sonia as she leads a sound bath that combines singing with crystal bowls, gongs, percussion, chimes, xylophones and other calming instruments.

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The sound bath begins with a brief opening circle and closes with a guided meditation. Sound baths are passive meditative experiences that help us remember how to let go and relax through resonating with certain frequencies that transport our minds and bodies to a state of ease.

$35 (members save 10%). Tickets are non-refundable.


Sonia Kreitzer is a singer, songwriter and sound healer with training in the Tibetan Opera vocal tradition of lhamo. She has released four full-length records under her project Doe Paoro, and has had her music featured in film and television from Ginny & Georgia to Tiny Furniture. She believes in music as a path to healing and activating consciousness and travels around the world offering sound baths, singing retreats, and healing music experiences in ceremonial spaces.