Mystical Sound Journey: Heart Connection

Saturday, April 27 2024 4:30pm — 7pm

with Jadeli Percolla

Join Jadeli Percolla to experience profound heart connection through a guided sound and cacao ceremony influenced by the Mayan calendar.

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Experience profound heart connection through a guided sound and cacao ceremony, influenced by the Mayan calendar. In this session, tailored to the energy of the day, we will create a sacred space with prayer, the aroma of Copal, and the blessings of ceremonial-grade Guatemalan Cacao.

Embark on a journey through memories and the Underworld (Xibalba) through guided meditation and sound healing. We will open our hearts to the medicine of Cacao, invoking the blessings of our ancestors, teachers, and personal intentions.

This session will include a Yoga Nidra meditation, accompanied by the mystical sounds of nature, fostering deep relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation.

Through this experience you will have the opportunity to see yourself from a new perspective, liberate emotional blockages and patterns, reprogram the nervous system, and activate the imagination to guide love frequencies, empowering the unseen to manifest in our physical bodies. By relaxing your body and mind, your spirit can reconnect with the mysteries of your memories, bringing clarity and better decision making. The power of sound will facilitate the healing process, expand consciousness, and activate your devotional practice.

$55 (members save 10%). Tickets are non-refundable.

About Jadeli Percolla

I am Jadeli Percolla, a native of Guatemala and a Yogi practitioner who has immersed myself in breathwork, meditation, and asanas for the past five years, with nature as my primary teacher and guru.

I earned my certification as a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher at Shamana San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, where I discovered my initial passion for the elements and their transformation into spiritual, emotional, and physical dimensions, connecting with Ayurveda practices. I studied Qigong and Sacred Mayan Wisdom from the Mayan calendar to become a Cacao ceremonialist.

I attained the role of Sound Healer Ceremonialist through the Mystery School Sounds of Light, under the guidance of its founder, Thomas, and the Himalayan Academy of Sound based in India with Yogasvarope.

Later, I continued my journey by traveling to India to become a certified 300 E-RYT Advanced Yoga Teacher in Hatha and Ashtanga at the Himalayan Yoga School in Rishikesh.

Additionally, I am a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant from the American Institute of Vedic Studies under Dr. Frawley.

I am continuing my online studies at Yoga Veda to become a clinical Ayurveda practitioner over the next two years.

Currently, I guide Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga classes, facilitate Cacao and Sound Ceremonies, and express my devotion through Bhakti Yoga.