Bree in the desert

Breathwork: Transition into Fall

Sunday, October 16th 2:00 — 3:30pm

with Bree VanZutphen

Bree will guide us through the seasons/cycles of change and how to use the breath to release and alchemize our own energy as we transition into Fall.

Breathwork is a technique designed to move stuck energy that gets trapped in the physical body. It is a way of processing unresolved feelings and suppressed emotions in order to leave more space for freedom, life, and joy. We will discuss the seasons/cycles of change and how to use the breath to release and alchemize our own energy as we transition into Fall. Autumn is a time for acknowledging all that has come to harvest and also a time to clear our internal landscape to set up for the next cycle. This afternoon will include meditation, active breathwork, and journaling.

Please bring

  • Pen or pencil
  • Journal or paper
  • Yoga mat


Bree VanZutphen is a yoga and meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, breathwork facilitator, creator, and dancer. She is the founder of Clarity & Calm.

Bree started her healing journey after her former life as a dancer. It was then that she found yoga which helped heal her body, mind, and soul. After years of practicing yoga and meditation, Bree discovered active breathwork. This served as a catalyst to help her start to process the repressed emotional energy that still lived in her body. Bree combines somatic techniques in all of her teachings and is passionate about addressing the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of Self in everything she facilitates. The intention at the core of her classes is to hold space for others to deprogram their bodies and minds of conditioning from upbringing, society, and the collective consciousness that inhibits the unique soul essence of each individual. She values freedom, authenticity, truth, conscious choice, community, and connection to the Self & the divine above all else.

Bree teaches workshops online and at studios throughout Los Angeles. All of her programs help facilitate connection to truth and soul remembering. She leads several healing retreats locally and internationally every year that combine deep self inquiry, connection with community, and tapping back into the sacredness of nature. Her greatest passion is helping others come home to themselves and recognize the magnificence they already possess.

Refund Policy

This is a ticketed event — please book with confidence, no refunds will be granted.