Breathwork and Sound Bath

Sunday, May 19 8:00pm — 9:15pm

with Allison Bagg

Join Allison Bagg, sound practitioner and breathwork facilitator, for a cosmic journey of reset and rejuvenation.

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Allison will give some background into vibrational medicine and the benefits of breathwork, melding science and spirit before guiding us through an activating breath pattern to release stagnant energy. This breath practice is said to be like 10 years of therapy in one go, and creates transformative shifts in the body.

To integrate this experience, we will then drop into meditation with an orchestra of alchemy crystal singing bowls, planetary gong, chimes and a few other specially designed instruments for theta brainwave activation. This experience will help you to release and let go of trapped emotions in the body, along with providing an opportunity to plant deep seeds of intention in the subconscious mind to rewire outdated patterns.

You will leave feeling profoundly refreshed!

About Allison Bagg

Allison Bagg is a sound healer, breathwork facilitator, intuitive guide and artist based in Los Angeles. She utilizes a plethora of modalities to help clients ground into their bodies, establish strong boundaries and open portals to the magic and abundance within. Certified in gong, crystal alchemy singing bowls, planetary chimes and tuning forks, Allison aims to bring together both hemispheres of the brain in a beautiful marriage of spirit and science. Everything is vibration, after all, and by tuning ourselves like instruments, we can heal everything from the physical on a cellular level, as well as the spiritual, energetic and vibrational forces within.

$40 (members save 10%). Tickets are non-refundable.