Hannah surrounded by linden branches

Yoga & Plant Meditation: Linden

Sunday, December 4 4:30pm — 6pm

with Hannah Skye

Join Hannah as she leads us in ceremony with the linden plant, gradually working into a gentle, heart centric asana practice.

This practice opens with a guided plant meditation in which students will meet Linden. Together we will smell, touch, and taste linden tea, welcoming the spirit of this ancient grandmother plant into our physical and energetic bodies, gradually working into a gentle, heart centric asana practice.

The gold and white Linden flower comes from the Linden tree. Just as the tree’s roots descend, her branches ascend, allowing this tea to attend to all our chakras, from root to crown. Many people find linden to be especially supportive to the heart and is an ally to those who are grieving. This herb is what is known as a demulcent, which means that it is moistening and soothing to the mucus membranes. Linden’s sweet hay-like scent brings to mind rain on grass, and golden sunshowers.

Linden’s spirit will inform our asana practice together; we will flow slowly and gently, inviting opening into the heart and solar plexus, followed by a yin inspired surrender sequence.

Linden is a very gentle and safe herb, though ingesting the plant infusion is optional; there will also be linden infused oils for self massage and a printed plant profile.

$35 (members save 10%). Tickets are non-refundable.

About Hannah Skye

Hannah Skye is an herbalist and green witch, certified through the School of the Sacred wild. This ongoing series combines yoga asana with gentle plant medicines in the form of herbal infusions and oils. Each workshop is an opportunity to meet or deepen personal relationships to plants, while dropping into a nature based mindfulness practice. Each event is unique, with the specific movements and selected herbs attuned to the seasons.